Aurum Cables Cat6 Snagless Network Ethernet Patch Cable – 6 Feet – 5 Pack – Multicolored – Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Black

Aurum Cables Cat6 Snagless Ethernet Network Patch Cable

Proposed for home & office network:

Cat6 Snagless Networking Cable offers comprehensive and all around connectivity to home & network components, such as printers, switch boxes, routers, NAS devices, POE devices, etc. This set of 6 foot Cat 6 patch cables are available in 5 amazing colors.

Everlasting & highly reliable:

Cat6 cable provides remarkable transmission and amazingly low signal losses. Cat6 Ethernet cable supports up to 550 MHz and is best for fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Cat6 network cable’s have gold-plated connectors ensure clean transmission.


Cable Type: CAT 6 Snagless Network Ethernet Patch Cable

• Durable PVC Jacket material

• Equipped with 50 micron gold platting and 24 AWG conductor gauge to enhance cable performance

• 550 MHz cable performance

• Stranded Twisted

High Quality Catagory 5 Enhanced 350MHz Network Cables.