non-bloggy reading

Did a little sprucing up around here. Got Alex’s old site off of the list and replaced it with Disagreement, Inc finally. Also added a few more blogs (and reordered them a tad) to try and work into my daily rotation, as well as a few more newspapers. Gone are the Texas newspaper links, the sports links, and NYT feed (oh just hold your applause down will ya!). One took up too much space, the second and third weren’t doing me any good since I’m usually on the two big East Coast papers right at 11pm most nights and use my home page of links for all non-bloggy reading links.

I did add some Amazon goodies that I wholeheartedly feel are worth pimping. Speaking of which, I’m in the midst of reading The Values Divide at the moment. Look for a review to come shortly. It’s a bit scholarly in style, so its slower reading for me.

I’m debating axing all the links on the individual post links. If anyone cares two cents one way or the other, speak now or forever hold your peace.