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Pregnant behind the lens

Pregnant behind the lens 1

Lens fragments when your doctor removes your cloudy lens during cataract surgery some pieces may fall into your eye and get left behind small ones arent a problem but bigger ones can be.

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Pregnancy amp body acceptance after the birth of my first child i believed in the things society said about how my body should look i put pressure on myself to lose all the baby weight in three months and scheduled a small tour to assure i would do it.

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Story behind the lens emdrew stonefield 47k reads 12k votes 36 part story by pezzzalex completed embed story share via google share via email read new reading list andrew and emma first met during the filming of the the amazing spider man the first time they saw each other they just felt a sudden connection they fell in.

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I invite you to join me on one very special journey the birth of baby orion and my personal journey from behind the lens a mother should be careful at the time of pregnancy as she is responsible for her upcoming baby she has to take care of both for a healthy baby in future any disease may cause for big issue in future for both.

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If you do pull out a super wide lens just be careful with the distortion the last thing you need is for mom to look way bigger than she is wide angels can be really great for creativity and getting the whole picture.

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If youre an avid contact lens wearer you may have to switch to glasses during your pregnancy most doctors advise against being fitted for new contact lenses while youre pregnant as your eyes may be in a constant state of change.

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Iphone camera portrait mode versus a nikon dslr with 50mm lens is it photoshoot worthy duration 19 minutes.

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Pregnant behind the lens

Opposite to accommodating lens

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